Why a Girls’ School Education Is Beneficial for Your Daughter

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It has long been believed that single sex education results in higher grades for our children but what are the actual benefits of sending your daughter to a girls’ school?

The Guardian newspaper has reported that students at girls-only independent schools are much more likely to study maths, physics and chemistry than the national average. This report was taken from a survey conducted by the national Girls’ School Association (GSA). The organisation, which represents 200 independent, single-sex schools in the UK, surveyed 5,000 girls and found more than 90% more GSA pupils chose physics or chemistry at A-level compared to the national average. More than 80% more took French, German or Spanish A-level and 70% more studied A-level maths.

The Independent Schools Council, a separate organisation, found that single sex schools for girls achieve much higher when it comes to public exam results. In 2011, for instance, the percentage of girls from Girls’ Schools Association schools who achieved A/A* in their A Levels was 6.8% higher than it was for girls from independent co-educational schools.

Girls’ schools, like any other institution, receive some bad press and often get stereotyped. So what do you really know about girls’ schools? Do they all play hockey? Yes. Universitas Swasta di Bandung  Are all the teachers and the girls who are educated there jolly? Well, hopefully yes. But there’s self-esteem, opportunity, freedom from stereotypes, friendship, leadership and success to name but a few of the positives your daughter can take out of a girls-only school education.

One of the great benefits of an all-girls school is that there is no gender stereotyping. Girls are leaders, they excel as much in physics, engineering and design technology as they do in English, drama and art, and they are free to pursue and achieve in every sport their school offers. Research by Ofsted has revealed that girls at single-sex schools are more likely to avoid preparing for “stereotypically female” careers than their contemporaries in co-educational schools.

In this increasingly competitive world, every parent is concerned as to how you can give your daughter the best start in life? Could a girls’ school be the answer? A place where the curriculum and the teaching are girl-centred and where she will have endless opportunities to discover her talents. Konseling Online It is definitely an education that is worth exploring further for your daughter’s future.

Why not contact some of your local independent girls’ schools and see if you can visit for an open day? You may be pleasantly surprised by the warm reception you received and impressed by the facilities these schools have. More importantly, speak to some of the girls who are pupils at these schools, see how confident and able they are. If you’d like to instil some of this self-esteem and high level of achievement on your daughter then this is the right education choice for your family.

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